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Welcome to the Emu Legacy WikiEdit

A central source for information about the discontinued EMU synthesisers and samplers that date from before Creative's takeover, such as the Proteus 2000 family.

The aim is to ensure that manuals, OS updates and info about patch editors/librarians for every device are documented here. Feel free to add anything that's missing.


Proteus Family Edit

Proteus 1000 FamilyEdit

Proteus 2000 FamilyEdit


Command StationsEdit


The following info is missing.

  • info about original proteus family (p1/2 etc)
  • info about any of the EMU samplers
  • OS updates for the command stations / keyboards
  • some external download links need to be unzipped and uploaded onto the wiki to remove reliance upon external sites
  • proteus 2500 info

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